Pirin Spring Water

High up, at 1700m above sea level, springs pure water with a unique taste and mineral composition. The natural water phenomenon was registered as early as 1934. The inaccessibility of the spring is a guarantee of its ecological purity. Because of the water authentic balanced mineral content, Pirin spring water tastes light and refreshing.
| It is suitable for daily use in unlimited quantities by all ages.
| Pirin spring water is particularly suitable for intake in sodium-poor diets Na=2,40mg/L.
| Every sip of PIRIN spring water awakens the body and the senses!
| Suitable for the preparation of baby food for infants


low mineral spring water pirin with total mineralisation 55 mg/l and ph 8,2
Sodium Na+
2,4 mg/L

| Suitable for sodium-poor diets.

Calcium Ca2+
7,36 mg/L

| About 99% of calcium in the human body is found in bones and teeth

Hydrogen carbonates HCO3-
36,68 mg/L

| Helps maintain normal pH in the body’s cells.

Fluoride F-
< 0,05 mg/L

| Suitable for intake by the whole family

Magnesium Mg2+
1,03 mg/L

| Cares for the balance of the nervous and muscular system

Sulphates SO4-
3,90 mg/L

| Plays an important role in the proper care of the musculoskeletal system