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Svezhina BABY (stack)

8.64 лв.


Svezhina BABY is naturally pure water for the special needs of babies and children.

From Pirin Spring natural mineral water, with innovative technology for mechanical filtration, and years of attempts and research, we have managed to create water with unique mineral composition.

The total mineralization of Svezhina Baby (63 mg / l) and the sodium content (Na <20 mg/l) are several times lower than those of mineral waters and often  than the boiled waters from the water supply networks.

The unique mineral balance makes it suitable for consumption by newborns, toddlers, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Water is also a good choice for people who monitor their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is good to know:


  • In order to ensure good health in the future, children’s nutritional and drinking habits have to start shaping from an early age. Drinking water is one of the most important factors of the growth of the young organism. Experts advise that children should drink twice as much water per kilogram of weight than adults because they easily lose fluid in their bodies.


  • Unfortunately, most of the kids prefer soft drinks than clean water. Learning the useful habit of drinking water becomes a difficult task for parents. But not impossible – approach and persistence are needed in this endeavor.


  • Svezhina Baby is microbiologically clean and it is under constant laboratory control at the place of production.


  • Water’s qualities do not require it to be boiled before it is given to the child. If you wish, you could boil it – it will not degrade the qualities of the water.
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