Pirin Spring | TABLE WATER
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The table water bottled by Pirin Spring AD is unique in its nature. Using most modern equipment for demineralization of our Pirin Spring natural mineral water – reverse osmosis, we have managed to create WATER with balanced mineral content, excellent taste and very low mineral composition.

Our table water is a product suitable for daily consumption by all age groups without exception and is created with the care of your daily hydration, timely detoxification, vital tone, as well as the balance of each member of the family. It is also particularly suitable for a low-salt diet (Na <20 mg/l).

In attractive packaging with colorful caps and labels illustrating popular visions of Bulgarian nature and architecture, Rodina will undoubtedly become your daily hydrating pleasure.


RODINA table water 500 ml. with augmented reality


You can have fun and learn a lot of interesting things with Rody and RODINA table water.











I: Download the PIRIN SPRING mobile app for free:
II: Scan the specially labeled RODINA 500 ml bottle with your device.
III: Have fun with Rody!


0.500 L


RODINA table water in a convenient and compact packaging of 500 ml in order to be by your side wherever you are. Your faithful helper for timely hydration!

1.5 L


To stay fresh throughout the day, obtaining your necessary dose of hydration with RODINA table water in packaging of 1,5 L.