Pirin Spring | ABOUT US
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Pirin Spring AD is a close joint-stock company with 100% private capital, founded in 2008. Currently the company owns licenses and certificates for bottling several varieties of water:

– Natural Mineral Water under the trade mark “PIRIN SPRING”

– Table drinking water with very low mineralization.


Our Table water is a modern product, made as a result from special demineralization of our mineral water PIRIN SPRING, using the most contemporary technologies for that purpose.


Well trained and motivated, our associates proudly identify themselves with the company, and successfully care for the individual and good service to each of our clients.


At Pirin Spring AD we fully understand that our success depends on our ability to keep our promises and obligations to our customers.


We aim to provide our customers with authentic and superior waters by ensuring their natural purity and capturing their exceptional natural taste.


We aim to create an invigorating and refreshing image with the highest level of service tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.


The focus on quality in the whole aspect of activities of the company is our strategic choice and main purpose, expressed in the production and sale of high quality products in line with the growing expectations of our customers and end consumers.


The quality and safety policy of “Pirin Spring” AD is subjected to the requirements of the international standard for quality and safety management systems of food products – IFS Food, and also in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system for managing food safety.


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Water bottling factory of “Pirin Spring” AD is built near the source, which produces natural mineral water Pirin Spring. Modern equipment and facilities are a reliable guarantee of quality and allow bottling in all bottle sizes, which are traditional for the Bulgarian market.


The factory is located in the Teplika region, near the village of Banichan, 6km northwest of Gotse Delchev.